Born in the Cloud Marketing

BOOK REVIEW: From ManhattanBay Media, an up-and-coming publisher of business, tech, and digital marketing books from some of the brightest minds in the business, has released “Born in the Cloud Marketing: Transformative Strategies for the Next Generation of Cloud-Based Businesses.”

Part of the ManhattanBay Business Innovation Series, this book by Dan Blacharski analyzes how doing business in the post-dotcom era requires an entirely new approach to marketing. The author interviewed dozens of high-profile entrepreneurs to get their take on how they have transformed their businesses, launched successful startups and adopted new marketing tactics in this new world he calls the leading edge of the “dotcloud boom.”

Going far beyond the traditional wisdom offered by other authors and advisors, the author includes an excellent chapter on “Content is King,” noting that this tired phrase is only the beginning. The author says that traditional online marketers take that phrase to mean large volumes of content, but that volume has led to the decline of quality — and today, successful marketing requires the attention of specialists who reside in the small space between marketing and professional journalism. Older “content writers” whose goal was pure SEO are becoming obsolete and irrelevant, and today’s content marketing is more about thought leadership.

In the chapter, “Cheap tricks that don’t work,” the author also highlights the tricks often used by marketing scammers, advising brands to stay clear of cheap providers, and explaining some of the tricks they use. The author notes that while some of those tricks may lead to a temporary boost in rank, ultimately, they may pose irreparable harm to the brand.

The author puts to rest several myths and outdated tactics in the chapter, “The big lie of SEO,” covering where SEO misses the mark and explains where those “word salad” comments so often seen cluttering conversation threads come from, why they exist, and how they pose a danger to marketers everywhere.

Of course, after explaining what not to do, the author lays out a sound digital marketing strategy and discusses the future of marketing, where native advertising and brand journalism replaces content marketing, digital marketing transforms from a transactional experience to an experiential one, and building customer loyalty is paramount.

This book offers an insightful guide with advice from some of the industry’s most savvy marketing experts and successful entrepreneurs, and goes much deeper than what most marketing gurus have to offer. Digital marketers, dotcommers and owners of born-in-the-cloud startups will enjoy this guide, and the takeaways offered may just direct those entrepreneurs to higher levels of success. A must-read for anyone interested in launching or growing an online business.

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