Content Marketing Digest is a publication of Ugly Dog Media, a South Bend, Indiana based marketing and media firm. The publication was created as a response to the proliferation of poor-quality content on the Web, and the misguided strategies that are still so often used by marketers who ought to know better.

Our strategy for content marketing is straightforward, and we believe in creating more than just “content.” Content marketing is, or should be, a type of feature writing/journalism, carried out by professionals and subjected to editorial scrutiny. Increasingly, the Google algorithm focuses on quality, and consistently — both algorithmically and manually — roots out the black hatters who create nonsense articles on PBM spam blogs, giving more weight to those who actually take the time to add something of real value in their content marketing campaigns.

We believe content marketing should be subjected to the same high standards as any journalistic endeavor, and eventually, every company’s marketing department will need to have a managing editor.


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